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  • Business Cards
    Business Cards Business cards are available in many beautiful stocks and finishes. We offer Uncoated, Environmentally friendly and Coated stocks in many different colours, textures and styles. We offer finishes such as – Matt cello glaze, Gloss cello glaze, Spot UV, Round corners, PMS colours (Pantone), Raised print, Embossing, Die cut and Foiling.
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  • Stationery & Invites
    Stationery & Invites From Corporate letterheads to Wedding and Funeral stationery we have it all! If you need to refresh dated office stationery, we are here to help. A few tweaks of your fonts or layout could be all you need to keep your business ahead of the game. We have 7 different Presentation folder templates to choose from and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
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  • Pads & Wiro Bound Books
    Pads & Wiro Bound Books Note pads are not only practical but also a wonderful marketing tool for your clients and we offer short and long run printing in all sizes and types of binding. We offer fit for purpose products so please tell us of your requirements and we will get it happening for you. Invoice books are a must and a customised one with your logo shines over a generic one.
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  • Client - Origin Grain
    Origin Grain

    Lachlan first contacted me with an enquiry of a quote, he had artwork and had had them printed elsewhere previously. This was to be my first insight into the world of unnecessary design jargon. High build thermography, which means Raised type, that’s all – no great mystique just raised type. I scroll down through the artwork and come across the paper stock for these business cards Raleigh Superfine 352 GSM Ultra white smooth. Beautiful stock but very expensive and they only wanted 500 89 X 50mm business cards. Certain stock can only be bought in certain quantities and there are sheet sizes and other things to consider.

    I called Lachlan and asked if it was a price decision to come to us for a quote etc and he said yes so I needed to find more of a cost effective stock. Because most of the cost was in the stock but also the raised type and a PMS colour to consider. I asked for a hard copy to be posted out which we always do if someone has had them printed elsewhere to ensure we colour match etc as closely as possible. Upon closer inspection I came to the conclusion that an uncoated Ivory stock from K.W Doggetts would come up just as well and for a better price for our client. It’s a lovely designed business card and don’t get me wrong but sometimes designers lose sight of practicality when they design for print and how much it will cost the client to actually print it.

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  • Client - Sanja

    This was one of the first logo and business card design jobs that Chihiro and I did together a couple of years ago. All 3 of us learnt a lot from this experience!

    To begin with we had to delve into the world of copyright. At Cartwheel we take this very seriously and it was time to dispel some myths. Sanja had a mock up designed by a friend of hers close to what she was after. We just needed to make it print ready, or so we thought.

    After asking for the original file with the ‘lady’ (the mock up was too low res to print nicely) we found out that we couldn’t touch it as it had copyright. Unfortunately there are some design myths out there that if you change 7 points or only use 10% of someone else’s copyrighted work then it’s yours. This is most definitely not the case.

    After explaining this to Sanja we were back to the drawing board but at least we had a starting point. I told Sanja about and asked her to have a look and see if she liked anything. The sole purpose of Shutterstock and is for high res royalty free images, photos and vector art. You can purchase them and use them as they are or tweak them to what you want them to be.

    We finally decided on a vector art (which is ideal) that we purchased and we’re going to tweak to Sanja’s liking!

    Because Sanja’s business is in Hair and make-up we were keeping in mind that she would want to change the hair colour and make up including blush and bigger lips etc too, later on down the track. After many different colour combinations due to (which we only found out later) Sanja’s PC screen being broken so she wasn’t able to see colour wise what we were seeing. For a while there Chi Chi and I thought we were going colour blind as we could not understand how Sanja was seeing purple hair when it was made up of Reddish browns and pinks. We also needed to explain that what you see on the screen is not representative of how it will print.

    A couple of business card drafts were done and it was decided on a portrait style business card but we still had a little tweaking of colours to go. The print ready end result being Sanja’s unique, funky logo and more importantly her own!

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  • Client - Seafood @ Royal Randwick
    Seafood @ Royal Randwick

    This job wasn’t long after Sanja so we were well prepared in regards to copyright. Robert is a local that wanted to use our services for business card printing. He already had the design and had had them printed with someone else previously. He emailed me through the artwork after giving him quotes and the first thing I see is a big ‘ol © for Copyright we can’t use this I explain to Robert but if we ask for permission we should be ok.

    I say this as not only did they design the logo and business card but his whole shop fit out! Robert was a bit unfamiliar with the jargon in this case and what to ask the previous designer for so I said I would call her. She seemed really nice as I explained the situation and said that she would amend the email address on the front and add a web address on the back.

    We were pretty busy at that stage and after a few days I followed up on it as in our previous conversation she had even asked for samples of some of the business cards we have done in the past. I sensed something was up and gave Rob a quick call, only to be told that he had an email from her that he forwarded onto me.

    Again we can’t use low res J-peg files (well you could print them but they wouldn’t look very good) and we won’t touch copyright. As it turns out she wanted him to use her services again. I explained to Robert that he would have to call her and ask for the original files. Unfortunately the lady would only release all of the native files on a disc for another $500! He had already spent $5,000 a few years ago when the shop was originally designed but he didn’t make sure that he had copyright of his logo and design, including the photo that was used in the background of his business card. So designers can technically claim ownership to your designs if it’s not in writing. Silly for 500 business cards but it’s her prerogative.

    So we set about finding a solution for our local fisherman! Chi Chi got onto looking for the font, which isn’t easy as there are millions of fonts out there. I started looking through and Chihiro looked through as we both an account with each one to open up our options. It’s ok to pull low res images off of these for mock up purposes before the client decides which one they want to purchase.

    The font had been found and we were down to 2 pictures to choose from and which layout Rob wanted for the business card. With the picture decided on and purchased the artwork was made print ready and Rob finally had new business cards!

    Which were later followed up with Loyalty cards and posters.

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